• 1 Buşah, is producing hygienic production conditions ..
  • 2 100-year-flavor, on your table Buşah's quality and difference..
  • 3 Spilled 100% natural sugar flavor in stringing..
  • 4 ''Taste open to the World..''
News Us

January 2012
Buşah Pişmaniye, held a successful promotional on Emitt Fair..

To watch our Fair video click here.






About Us

To increase the production and recognition level in local, national and international market, briefly, to transform the turkish fairy floss of İzmit as a world taste, by modernizing the turkish fairy floss (pişmaniye) being indispensable taste of İzmit for more than 100 years.


To increase product's market share firstly in local and national and then in international market, providing a contemporary dynamic and consistent difference to manufacturing of Turkish Fairy Loss and thus, to make a contribution in economy and employment of country.