• 1 Buşah, is producing hygienic production conditions ..
  • 2 100-year-flavor, on your table Buşah's quality and difference..
  • 3 Spilled 100% natural sugar flavor in stringing..
  • 4 ''Taste open to the World..''
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January 2012
Buşah Pişmaniye, held a successful promotional on Emitt Fair..

To watch our Fair video click here.






Production Plant

We run the business with cooling package with the capacity of 30 kg, drawing machinery with the capacity of 50 kg, cupping unit with th capacity of 37,5 kg, pressing unit with the capacity of 35 kg, spreading unit with the capacity of 37,5 kg at one time in total indoor area of 600 m2.

We manifacture Turkish Fairy Loss in average of 10,000 boxes daily, in other words about 1000 kg.

We export 22,000 kg of our production in 30,000 kg to abroad.