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January 2012
Buşah Pişmaniye, held a successful promotional on Emitt Fair..

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About Corn (glucose) Syrup

Corn (glucose) syrup , corn starch processed and converted into glucose and fructose is obtained. Wheat , corn and potato starch derived from a hydrolysis rate of the syrup are used to excess in our country . Sweeter than sugar, corn syrup, sugar beet derived , as well as cost-effective since it is less than dessert industry by manufacturers, is preferred. When there is a limited quota for the use of corn syrup in Western countries ( 2 % in the USA , Germany 8%, France 5%) in Turkey, this rate is 15% .

For example, when you put the fridge fructose şekerlenmeyen scented lozenges, makes the cancer.

The biggest cause of fatty liver is the main substance of corn syrup fruktozduronunda tatlandırıcılarıdır.Glıkozun direct carcinogenic effect on human health has been proven. For example, saccharin, urinary tract cancer, than does received. Sweetener users live in certain major health problems. Today, we eat there all the sweeteners in diet products.

Corn syrup creates insatiable obese!